ear visitors, embrace the night magic of Novi Vinodolaski. Each stone hides a bit of rich history, there are many significant buildings and important events.

Every Wednesday we will take you OKOLOTORNO – around our old town. Enjoy watching the light play on the stones, looking at the outlines of old mediteranean houses, and in the richness of our cultural heritage. Take a peek into an old seaside cellar and try some of the most tasteful wines of Vinodol valley. Choose between many handmade products made by diligent hands of local craftsmen and artists.

Feed all your senses while enjoying the gentle breeze that brings you the scent of the sea, listening to the sound of musicians playing and choirs singing. You will also see beautiful girls wearing national costumes; take a walk with them as they bring to life characters from the past: the famous Frankopans, ban Ivan Mažuranić...His granddauhter Ivana will be telling stories and fairytales to all the children in the National Reading Room. Feel free to take a picture with them, and ask all you want to know.

Follow the flags and torches around town, they will be your guides. With the help of a map that is in front of you, you will see all the important sights: the church of St. Philip and Jacob, the Bell-tower, the diocese, sundial, the narrowest street in Novi, the Small Gate (one of the city's entrances) the church of St. Trinity; and you will discover facts about life in the city of Novi Vinodolski. Okolotorno, this romantic journey will take place every Wednesday from 06.07.2016. till 07.09.2016., between 8PM and 12PM (20:00-24:00).

All you need to bring is a smile and good will, we will take care of everything else!